Saturday, August 15, 2009


20/12/10,live at apuramoria

12/2/10,live at micropolis

19/12/09,live at sonik magazine's party,arthouse

21/11/09,live at university,xanthi

26/9/09,live at earthdance festival,thessaloniki

2 - 4/8/09,recording sessions for the new album

mic interview(read here )

blueprint e.p. review at here

10/7/09,live at grevena rockin' festival

12/6/09,live at micropolis(with no sin)

7/5/09,blueprint e.p. release date/live at sknipa(with room gardener)

5/5/09,live at steki sto viologiko(with anchors aweigh)

1/1/09,live at occupied school of theatre

24/3/08,live at lost dogs bar(with sequence of events)

Friday, May 8, 2009


blueprint e.p.(2009)
contact us to send it to you for free
and/or download it.
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